Roof Replacement

What you need to know about replacing your roof

The Basics

A roof is the most critial part of home. Without the roof, everything inside you home would be worthless as the weather and storms destroy everything you own. Its no reason having a solid roof over your head is so critical. If your roof is old and leaking and you have performed a roof repair or to, its time to consider a roof replacement. First up is the types of materials to use. Asphalt shingles, wood shake, tile, rubber roofing? How about a metal roof?

The cost of replacing a roof is going to play a big factor as well. In most cases you should budget at least around $5000 or more. Its almost impossible to replace a roof for less unless have a very small home. Also consider the time of year you are replacing your roof. Summer time tends to be the biggest season for roof replacements since the weather is good and its not raining. However dont let the rain get you down, as many roofing contractors can get a new roof installed even in bad weather or bad climates.


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