Here’s our new video for Hazy, Lazy, Blue.  It stars a young Virginia Beach.  Winky made it, and he hopes you like it.

The Gang gets some time on WFMU’s Shrunken Planet

…which is really neat because we love WFMU.  Thank you very much Jeffrey Davison, who’s played us three times now.

Here’s a link to his wonderful show.

The Prettiest Shade of Blue is dreamy, twangy and new.

New review in Elmore Magazine

Mark Urichek over at Elmore Magazine had some nice things to say about The Prettiest Shade of Blue.

"…feels like a lush, endless summer afternoon… as rustically nuanced as American Beauty-era Grateful Dead.”

We are thoroughly grateful Mark, thanks.

Here’s a song from the The Prettiest Shade of Blue.  If you like it, share it.  And if you share it, thank you.